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ishouldntbeallowedoutinpublic asked:

On a similar line to the party rings one: what about dunking chocolate? Is that unacceptable?


Chocolate digestives are a particularly superior dunking experience, because you get tea, biscuit, and melted chocolate in one delicious bite!

thesensibleone13 asked:

Hi, as a British person it is pretty much mandatory that I like tea and biscuits right? And i do, but what I would like to know, is whether it is acceptable to dunk my biscuits in my tea, or am I just a source of shame to my country?


Dunking is always acceptable, my friend.

This is yet another reason why finger-shaped Rich Tea biscuits are superior to the round ones - round ones don’t fit properly into your mug.

On Concerns Regarding DAI Romances


I’ve been rather heads-down at work as of late, so I’ll admit to not being quite abreast of discussions in the fandom as I sometimes am (even though, at the best of times, I generally only get wind of such things well after they’ve occurred).

So after the excited burbling following the trailer release and subsequent announcements, it was a bit of a surprise to hear of concerns regarding Inquisition’s romance system. I didn’t think we’d actually broached the topic yet, but some comments were made in a recent interview that have been subject to speculation and some alarm. Naturally it’s not something everyone’s interested in for Inquisition, but some people are very interested and also invested in what we’re going to do.

I don’t normally do this, but since I answered a couple of questions on the BioWare forums on the subject—and have had it pointed out to me numerous times that the Tumblr crowd is not always privy to the goings-on of our forums—I’ll repost my answers here. Until we can discuss the matter at length (which will eventually come, even if it feels like it will be never be soon enough), it’s really the most I can do. If you have other questions, feel free to message me…just understand that my blog is not really intended as an “Inquisition information center”, and the questions I can answer regarding things which haven’t yet been revealed is very limited.

I hope it helps, and look forward to the whirlwind of information and speculation (as well as excitement, on our part as well as yours) to come over the next, oh, six months or so.

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